Friends of the Earth: Det globala samhället måste enas mot Trump

trumpInatt vann Donald Trump valet i USA. Reaktionerna är kraftiga över hela världen där nyheten möts med stark oro för framtiden på alla plan. Trump förnekar att människans aktiviteter påverkar klimatet och vill avveckla stora delar av det miljöarbete som finns i USA.  Frågan är hur mycket bättre situationen egentligen hade varit med Clinton som vinnare. Båda kandidaterna är negativa till handelsavtalet TTIP, men det är osäkert vad det verkligen kommer att innebära för förhandlingarna med EU.
– Ingen av presidentkandidaterna hade en positiv politik för miljöarbetet. Trumps vinst presenteras som ett förvärrat läge för miljö och klimatarbetet och det är sant, men även med Clinton hade vi suttit illa till, säger Andrea Söderblom-Tay, ordförande i Jordens Vänner. Parisavtalet är till exempel ganska tandlöst. Det som är tydligare än någonsin är att vi som organisationer och enskilda måste engagera oss mer för att förändra världen, och det helst redan igår.
Liknande tankar hörs även från vårt internationella sammanhang. Nedan pressmeddelande från miljöorganisationer som samlats under klimattoppmötet i Marrakesh:
As news of Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Election reached Marrakech, climate justice groups gathered at the COP22 United Nations annual climate change talks reacted:
“Whilst the election of a climate denier into the White House sends the wrong signal globally. The grassroots movements for climate justice – native american communities, people of color, working people – those that are at this moment defending water rights in Dakota, ending fossil fuel pollution, divesting from the fossil fuel industry, standing with communities who are losing their homes and livelihoods from extreme weather devastation to creating a renewable energy transformation – are the real beating heart of the movement for change. We will redouble our efforts, grow stronger and remain committed to stand with those on the frontline of climate injustice at home and abroad.. In the absence of leadership from our government, the international community must come together redouble their effort to prevent climate disaster,” said Jesse Bragg, from Boston-based Corporate Accountability International.
“For communities in the global south, the U.S. citizens’ choice to elect Donald Trump seems like a death sentence. Already we are suffering the effects of climate change after years of inaction by rich countries like the U.S., and with an unhinged climate change denier now in the White House, the relatively small progress made is under threat. The international community must not allow itself to be dragged into a race to the bottom. Other developed countries like Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan must increase their pledges for pollution cuts and increase their financial support for our communities,” said Wilfred D’Costa from the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development.
“The Paris Agreement was signed and ratified not by a President, but by the United States itself. One man alone, especially in the twenty-first century, should not strip the globe of the climate progress that it has made and should continue to make. As a matter of international law, and as a matter of human survival, the nations of the world can, must, and will hold the United States to its climate commitments. And it’s incumbent upon U.S. communities to unite and push forth progressive climate policies on a state and local level, where federal policy does not reign,” said Jean Su from California-based Center for Biological Diversity.
“As a young woman and first-time voter I will not tolerate Trump’s denialism of the action needed for climate justice. Our country must undergo a systemic change and just transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy within my lifetime. The next four years are critical for getting on the right pathway, and the disastrous election of Trump serves as a solemn reminder of the path ahead of us. As young people and as climate justice movements we will be demanding real action on climate for the sake of our brothers and sisters around the world and for all future generations,” said Becky Chung from the youth network SustainUS.
“Africa is already burning. The election of Trump is a disaster for our continent. The United States, if it follows through on its new President’s rash words about withdrawing from the international climate regime, will become a pariah state in global efforts for climate action. This is a moment where the rest of the world must not waver and must redouble commitments to tackle dangerous climate change,” said Geoffrey Kamese from Friends of the Earth Africa.
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