Invitation to Young FoEE Convergence Event – focus on intersectionality

This Autumn, Young Friends of the Earth Europe is bringing together 30 young people, from across Europe for a few days of intersectional work.
This is the first event of its kind for Young FoEE to run, and a great opportunity for young people in the network to deepen their knowledge about intersectionality and what it means for their current campaigns and/or how to move forward with their engagement in intersectional ways of working.
The event will will look at how we identify and connect the intersections of our identities and campaigns, what those intersections look like, and how we can go about building an intersectional movement. If that sounds like something you’d like to know more about, or if you’re someone who’s already been involved in social justice-based climate campaigning, apply to join us!
Deadline for Applications: 12th of September.
We aim to bring 30 young people together for this convergence event including;

  • Young people in the Young FoEE network already working in an intersectional way in their YFoE groups. For example: working on campaigns drawing connections between environmental injustice and gender injustice/ racial injustice etc
  • Young people who are not working in an intersectional way at present, but have the desire to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to take an intersectional approach to their work.
  • Some young people involved with Young FoEE’s cross-regional project with FoEI and FoE Africa (so learning can be brought forwards into this project)

Young FoEE encourages applications from people of any ethnic, social and religious background, sexual orientation and gender identity. We particularly encourage applications from people who are, or who feel under-represented in the environmental movement. The working language for the event is English – but participants are not expected to be native speakers. Selection of participants will be based on Young FoEE’s principles of equity and intersectionality.
We expect a high number of applications, but are committed to contacting all applicants to notify you whether your application has been successful or not by the 19th of September at the latest.
Please share the news and encourage people from your group to apply!
For any questions related to travel to Brussels, contact Emilie:
For any other questions related to the convergence event, please contact Emma Jayne
In solidarity,
Emma Jayne

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